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Robert Sterl
Atelier von Robert Sterl Afrikaner im Halbakt, um 1888


The expansive atelier is also still home to its original furnishings. The large window in the northern wall admits an even cast of light throughout the day. An unfinished self-portrait, created in Sterl’s Dresden studio, stands on the easel. With the exception of “Kirschzweige” (Cherry Boughs) from 1920, the pictures here are from Sterl’s early career, mostly his time in Hesse. Sterl painted “Afrikaner als Halbakt” (African as Half-Nude), a model at the academy, when still a student. Even then, he was already considered a master portraitist. Especially impressive is Sterl’s rendering from January 1908 of his friend Ernst von Schuch, a work that forever captures the conductor as he furiously directs in the orchestra pit at Dresden’s Semper Opera House. Beneath it, a painting can be seen depicting the house that served as Sterl’s atelier in Wittgenborn in Hesse, which he gave up after being asked to teach at the Academy of Art in Dresden.