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Robert Sterl
Freundeskreistreffen im Sterl-Haus
Lesung mit Dr. Horst Zimmermann, 1998

Interested in Becoming a Patron?

Then please consider joining the “Freunde und Förderer des Robert-Sterl-Hauses Naundorf e.V.”, our patrons’ society that has been committed since 1978 to preserving and publicizing the museum as well as the life and achievements of the great Saxon Impressionist Robert Sterl (1867 – 1932).

The patrons’ society is a registered charity and all financial contributions to it are tax deductible. In recent years it has been particularly concerned with expanding our academic library and has supported us in providing tour guides for our larger events.

A contribution of only €25 annually would help us significantly in carrying on our work. Our bank account number for transferring funds: account number 3120001901 at the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden (bank-sorting code: 850 503 00).

Would you like to take a more active role?
Helpers are always needed in our garden or for weekend or holiday opening hours, as well as for events and concerts. The regular membership fee is €40.

What you receive: Free admission to the museum and concessions for special events, and, on request, tours given by the museum’s director of artistic exhibitions relating to Robert Sterl’s contemporaries. (For example: In 2002, Carl Bantzer in the Stadtmuseum in Dresden, and, in 2003, Paula Modersohn-Becker in the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen in Dresden).

Please contact us:
Freunde und Förderer des Robert-Sterl-Hauses Naundorf e. V.
Robert-Sterl-Straße 30
01796 Struppen

Telefon: 035020 / 70216 (Museum)
              03504 / 610206 (Uwe Michaelis, Vorsitzender des Vereins)

Email:  Freundeskreis.Robert.Sterl (at)

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently looking for patrons to adopt the individual artworks and furnishings of Robert Sterl.